Work On River

Sant Seechewal mobilized numberless people (Sangat) round the globe for the voluntary kar sewa of rejuvenation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic river Kali Bein, 160-km long tributary of the Beas, flowing through Doaba, the fertile central part of Punjab, known as the Granary of India. When Sant Seecyewal began the kar sewa in July 2000, the Kali Bein river was on the verge of death due to worst type of domestic and industrial pollution. Sant Seechewal, with the help of his Sangat, has cleared hyacinth and silt out of the bed of river, restored flow of clean water in it and beautified it with flowers and fruit trees, bathing ghats and bricked roads on its banks, transforming it into a picnic spot where the religious pilgrims, students and tourists from India and abroad come daily in large numbers to have a glimpse of its beauty.

Work On Underground sewerage System

Sant Seechewal has devised an underground sewerage system which is low-cost and indigenously modeled, but very effective, durable and easy to install. The efficacy of this system has been attested by its practical installation in more than 50 villages and towns. In this system, sewage waters are stored in a pond, treated in natural way and, then, supplied for agricultural use. This process promotes organic farming and saves farmers’ money on fertilizers and irrigation. The farmers of the area who, being crop-less and poor, were compelled to commit suicides, are glad to have a taste of prosperity as a result of Sant Seechewal’s kar sewa of the river.

Work On the Roads

Often remembered as “Baba of Roads”, Sant Seechewal has built thousands of kms of roads in backwards areas, which has set in a new era of faster economic and social development in this area.Work 

Sant Balbir Singh Ji

Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal 

A great social reformer of our times, great environmentalist, supporter of the cause of the downtrodden, true to his word, owner of a lively personality, Sant Balbir Singh was born on Feb. 2, 1962, in the household of Mata Chanan Kaur and Sh.Chanan Singh, in Seechewal, a small village in Shahkot Tehsil of Jalandhar district. He was very hardworking, honest and relgious-minded from the outset.He got primary education from Seechewal.After passing Matriculation from Govt. High School Nihaluwal, he joined D.A.V. College Nakodar (Jalandhar) for getting higher education. But he came into contact with Sri Maan Shri Maan Sant Avtar Singh Ji in 1981. This connection detached him from all worldliness. Not only did he leave the college without completing the study of graduation, but also renounced his family and dedicated himself to the service of Shri Maan Sant Avtar Singh Ji. Now whole universe became his family & its look-after became his major concern. When Sant Avtar Singh Ji came to settle at Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal in 1981, he had in him the deep knowldege of religious philosophy, which he had gained during his stay in Haridwar and a spirit to do good to others, which he had acquired from Sant Darbara Singh Ji of Lopon. Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal inherited both of these qualities from Sant Avtar Singh Ji. When the light of Sant Avtar Singh Ji's thinking began to illumine the area around, the enemies could not tolerate it and tried heinously to put it off on May 27, 1988. Even before his demise Sant Avtar Singh had expressed his desire for Balbir Singh to be made his successor. On receiving this charge in difficult times, Sant Balbir Singh Ji continued working in line with his Guru's ideas and created new horizons.  Branches of Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal 

As the ambit of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal's Sewa widened, Nirmal Kuteya also went on expanding. The detail of the branches of Nirmal Kuteya in India and in other countries at present is as follows: 1. Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal, Post Office Chak Chela, Tehsil Shahkot, Distt. Jalandhar. Situated on Nakodar-Lohian Road. 2.Talwandi Madho ( Jalandhar ). Situated on Sohal Khalsa-Talwandi Road. Established in May 1995. 3. Nirmal Kuteya Sohal Khalsa, Distt. Jalaandhar. Situated on Sohal Khalsa- Raiwal Road. Established in 1996.  4. Nirmal Kuteya Rasoolpur, Distt. Jalandhar. Situated on Talwandi Madho-Goraya Road, Established in 1998. 5. Nirmal Kuteya Mallha, Distt. Ludhiana. Situated on Mallha-Chakkar Road. Established in 1999. 6. Nirmal Kuteya Sultanpur Lodhi, Distt. Kapurthala. Situated on the Holy Bein near Gurdwara Sant Ghat.Established in Nov. 2001. 7. Nirmal Kuteya Gallowal, Distt. Hoshiarpur. Situated on the banks of the Holy Bein near Budho Barkat-Gallowal Bridge. Established on May 5, 2003. 8. Indian Nrimal Temple Paniqui Tarlac Manila, Phillipines. Established in 2004. 9. Nirmal Kuteya Fattewal, Distt. Kapurthala. Situated on the banks of the Holy Bein near village Fattewal. Established on 25/10/2007. When Sant Balbir Singh Ji Seechewal first started work of preparing roads, he became “Sarkan wala Baba” (Saint of the Roads). By planting saplings of flower plants and fruit trees, and by installing the under-ground sewerage systems in villages and towns, he brought down heaven on the earth. Keeping in mind the bitter experiences of his student life and thinking that the poor, who need education the most, remain devoid of it, he started ideal school and college in Seechewal. When he heard the Holy Kali Bein's cry of pain, he started the mountainous work of cleaning and beautifying it in July 2000. How charismatic is this Baba, who is all the time busy removing weeds out of the Bein, filling ditches on the roads, installing sewerage in slums, and planting trees on the sides of the roads.Deeply grave from inside, with flower-like smile on the complexion, pure childlike laughter on the lips. Wherever he goes, he is thronged by people who pick up his precious utterances thrown lavishly here and there. When he stops, crowds rush to have a holy glimpse of him. His activities are an endless chain: Nagar Kirtan, Kirtan Darbar, Conference, Poetic Symposium, sports tournament. His ideas have a forceful flow of rivers.If at Seechewal a college is being erected, at Sultanpur Lodhi holy Bein is being adorned, in various towns sewerages are being installed and roads being repaired.  O God, let all this continue as it is. Let this God's man move on briskly with a divine smile on his face. A dream swims in his eyes that gaze at horizons, the dream that was cherished once by Guru Nanak, that is seen by every prophet. The dream of building up a clean and pure world, to beautify it, to make it worth-living. But to work for the realization of this dream is not a child's play. This path is sharper than a two-edged sword, and finer than a hair. It requires sacrifices of lives. Maybe more than that. For all this is required mountainous courage, that remains in ecstasy even in the face of all odds. Fragrance of the unique thinking of this great man, the sentinel of our society, has been felt by the people with healthy thinking all over the world. National and international media have published reports praising these welfare activities.  Praises From Dr. Abdul Kalam It is important to note that the then President of India, hon'ble Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam came to visit Sultanpur Lodhi to see the miraculous work being done by the common people under the guidance Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal. He has been highlighting the importance of Kar Sewa of the Holy Kali Bein as an exemplary work in many of his national and international speeches since 2004. These speeches are listed below: 1. Radio Address to the Nation on the eve of Technology Day, 11-5-2004 2. Address at the Launching of the People’s Foundation for Development of Enlightened Citizenship, New Delhi, 15-06-2004 3. Address at Inauguration of India Country Level Development Marketplace, N D, 21-06-04 4. Address at the Technology Day Award Function, Pragati Maidan, NEW DELHI, 30-06-2004 5. Address at the Inauguration of the Seminar on Tourism, Ahmedabad, 15-10-2004 6. Interaction with the Students of the Gandhi Institute of Computer Education and Information Technology: Mumbai, 18-11-04.  7. Address at the IPI-INDIA Award for Excellence in Journalism 2004, N D, 6-12-04 8. Address at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Award for National Integration, Guwahati, 31-12-04 9. Inaugural Address at the National Water Convention 2005, New Delhi, 11-05-2005 10. Presentation by SIRUTHULI and Interaction with Students, Coimbatore, 06-07-2005 11. Address at the Concluding Ceremony of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of PRESS CLUB, Kolkata, 13-07-2005 12. Address at the Inauguration of the International Conference on Environment-Awareness-Enforcement, New Delhi, 20-01-2006

13. Answer to a student’s querry in “Children’s Corner”. 14. Address at the World Environment Day 2006, BANGALORE, 06-06-2006. 15. Address at the Launching of the Post-centenary Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Univ. of Mumbai, 18-7-2006. 16. Visit to Kali Bein at Sultanpur Lodhi, 17-8-06. 17. Address during Dedication of Upper Krishna Project to Nation, Almatti, Karnatka, 21-8-06 18. Visit to Alagappa University and Address to the Students, KARAIKUDI, TAMIL NADU, 24-09-2006 19. Address at the Second Convocation of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyala, Haridwar, 9-12-06 20. Address to the Nation by the President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on the Eve of the 58th Republic Day 2007- 25-01-2007  21. Address and Interaction with the Thinkers of Greece Organized by ELIAMEP, ATHENS, GREECE, 26-04-2007.  22. Address at the Launching of the Centenary Endowment Scheme of Calcutta Club Limited, Kolkata, West Bengal, 17-05-2007.