Work On River

Sant Seechewal mobilized numberless people (Sangat) round the globe for the voluntary kar sewa of rejuvenation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic river Kali Bein, 160-km long tributary of the Beas, flowing through Doaba, the fertile central part of Punjab, known as the Granary of India. When Sant Seecyewal began the kar sewa in July 2000, the Kali Bein river was on the verge of death due to worst type of domestic and industrial pollution. Sant Seechewal, with the help of his Sangat, has cleared hyacinth and silt out of the bed of river, restored flow of clean water in it and beautified it with flowers and fruit trees, bathing ghats and bricked roads on its banks, transforming it into a picnic spot where the religious pilgrims, students and tourists from India and abroad come daily in large numbers to have a glimpse of its beauty.

Work On Underground sewerage System

Sant Seechewal has devised an underground sewerage system which is low-cost and indigenously modeled, but very effective, durable and easy to install. The efficacy of this system has been attested by its practical installation in more than 50 villages and towns. In this system, sewage waters are stored in a pond, treated in natural way and, then, supplied for agricultural use. This process promotes organic farming and saves farmers’ money on fertilizers and irrigation. The farmers of the area who, being crop-less and poor, were compelled to commit suicides, are glad to have a taste of prosperity as a result of Sant Seechewal’s kar sewa of the river.

Work On the Roads

Often remembered as “Baba of Roads”, Sant Seechewal has built thousands of kms of roads in backwards areas, which has set in a new era of faster economic and social development in this area.Work 



Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal is not a saint with orthodox views. His ideas are modern and scientific. He says that man should change with times.   

Baba Ji inspiring students of seechewal college

    Charity is the crux of all religions and it is the goal of all education and science and knowledge. The sense of charity is the warp and woof of Baba Ji's life.          In April 1999, a school was started in the newly  established  building  in  the  precincts  of  Nirmal  Kuteya  Seechewal.  The  sewadars  who could teach were given this duty. The number of students went on increasing gradually.      On 27th May 1999, the occasion of the Death Anniversary of Sant Altar Singh Ji, this school was and formally inaugurated and named as Sri Maan Avtar Singh Ji Yadgari Mahavidyalya Seechewal. The school is now affiliated to Punjab School Education Board. The number of students now is about 400. A large number of poor, needy and orphan students are availing of boarding and lodging facilities.      The pass percentage of the school is higher than that of the Board. Students are also inspired to take part in sports along with academic education. Many of the students are state and national champions.     In the morning assembly the students recite mool mantra and after that they are taught santhya of Gurbani and serve the langar themselves. Every function in Nirmal Kuteya begins with kirtan by the children of the school.     From 2001, as per the need of times, the computer education was introduced in this institution. In 2002 a big computer lab was established  and   the  number  of  computers  was increased.     Apart from this, the senior students are also cooperating  in the teaching of junior classes.    

    Now Sant Avtar Singh Ji Yaadgari  College Seechewal has been started from the year 2005 with a view to impart higher and technical education to the students of the backward area of Seechewal.      Its foundation-stone was laid on 2/2/2005 by Sant Balbir Singh Ji Seechewal on his 43rd birthday. For this college, a three-storeyed building was planned. Two storeys have been completed with the co-operation of the Gursangat and construction of the third storey has been initiated.      During the academic session (2006-07), the college introduced technical courses such as PGDCA,   DCA,    Diploma   in    Stitching    and Tailoring, B.Sc. (Eco) for the poor and backward students of this area. M.A. (Pbi.) was also  started from this session.     In academic session (2007-08), the college was expanded to teach more new courses such as B.C.A. Apart from this Diploma in Gurmat Sangeet has also been added to the list of diplomas already being taught. In B.A. (Arts), new subjects of Music and Religious Studies have been introduced.     Sant Avtar Singh Ji Yaadgari College Seechewal has got the status of Associate College in Guru Nanak Dev University from the academic session of 2006-07.     Another remarkable aspect of the college is that the students go to teach in the government primary schools of the area wherever there is shortage of the regular teaching staff. Apart from this, the students of senior classes also spare some time for teaching junior classes.     In Sultanpur Lodhi also, a free-of-cost school has been opened for the children living in slums and cottages on the roadsides. It has been named as "Nawan Nanakana School." In this school, the students are provided with free clothing, soap, food, etc., not to speak of free syllabus books, notebooks and stationery. No fees are taken.      Baba Ji has also made efforts to promote literacy among the dropouts and the illiterate grown-ups of the area. In recognition to his  contribution in this field, the administration honoured  Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji in the year 2004.      In this regard, "Sant Avtar Singh Yaadgari Open School" has also been started in Seechewal.     The students are making their futures bright by studying in these educational institutions organised by Ek Onkar Charitable Trust Seechewal.      Apart from this, the kar sewa of the Holy Bein is proving a means to promote awareness towards environment among the students and teachers of schools and colleges of the whole area. In the previous years the teachers of many schools brought their students to  the  Holy Bein so that an  environmental awareness may be produced in them and they could be inspired to keep their environment clean.