Work On River

Sant Seechewal mobilized numberless people (Sangat) round the globe for the voluntary kar sewa of rejuvenation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic river Kali Bein, 160-km long tributary of the Beas, flowing through Doaba, the fertile central part of Punjab, known as the Granary of India. When Sant Seecyewal began the kar sewa in July 2000, the Kali Bein river was on the verge of death due to worst type of domestic and industrial pollution. Sant Seechewal, with the help of his Sangat, has cleared hyacinth and silt out of the bed of river, restored flow of clean water in it and beautified it with flowers and fruit trees, bathing ghats and bricked roads on its banks, transforming it into a picnic spot where the religious pilgrims, students and tourists from India and abroad come daily in large numbers to have a glimpse of its beauty.

Work On Underground sewerage System

Sant Seechewal has devised an underground sewerage system which is low-cost and indigenously modeled, but very effective, durable and easy to install. The efficacy of this system has been attested by its practical installation in more than 50 villages and towns. In this system, sewage waters are stored in a pond, treated in natural way and, then, supplied for agricultural use. This process promotes organic farming and saves farmers’ money on fertilizers and irrigation. The farmers of the area who, being crop-less and poor, were compelled to commit suicides, are glad to have a taste of prosperity as a result of Sant Seechewal’s kar sewa of the river.

Work On the Roads

Often remembered as “Baba of Roads”, Sant Seechewal has built thousands of kms of roads in backwards areas, which has set in a new era of faster economic and social development in this area.Work 



Astroturf hockey ground  at Seechewal

Sant Balbir Singh Ji believes that a comprehensive personality is a necessary precondition for man's communion with the Almighty. He values very high the overall development of man  for which man is required to be healthy both  mentally and physically. It is well said that a sound mind can live only  in a sound body. While Baba Ji has done a lot for cr

eating mental and spiritual health among the Gursangat, steps have also been taken for the improvement of their physical health. Children's races at  Seechewal Stadium


Sports can play a vital role in this regard. They can not only make man physically stronger but also strengthen his mind and soul. They are an important means to create harmony between mind and body. They bring spiritual satisfaction to man by releasing his mental tensions. Thus, sports are a kind of devotion to God. That is why Sant Balbir Singh Ji has  special penchant for sports. He is not a spiritual leader who wants to remain in isolation from the people. There is no religious ceremony at Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal, which goes without the accompaniment of sports. At almost every important  occasion, when  Akhand  Paths, Kirtan darbars, sant sammelans, and other kinds of religious preaching are held, some days are exclusively reserved for sports tournaments. 

Kabbadi match in  progress at Seechewal Stadium     Sports tournaments are part and parcel of celebrations of Gurpurab Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Barsis of Sant Lal Singh and  Sant Avtar Singh. Teams from far and wide arrive to take part in these tournaments. The fact that the number of teams participating in these tournaments goes on increasing with the passage of time speaks for the growing popularity of Sant Ji's programs.   a very  popular  Game in  Seechewal  area     The students of Sant Avtar Singh Ji Yadgari Senior Secondary School Seechewal and the Seechewal College are inspired to take part in games. In 2005, National championship of Tug of War was held at Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal, in which teams from 13 states took part. In these National competetions,  the teams of Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal won the first positions. Avtar Singh Memorial Sports Stadium at Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal, which was established in 2001, remains an extremely  busy place throughout the year. Throughout the year  sports tournaments continue to be organized at this place.     With a view to stress the religious importance of sports, some constructive changes have been made in the rules of the games. For ex., in  Kabaddi , the raider does not say "kabaddi..kabaddi.."as usual,  but instead utters “waheguru… waheguru…" while raiding the opposite side. In this manner, the players get  associated with naam simran. A permanent platform has been erected on one side of the stadium. There flows a constant stream of divine music of Kirtan along with the interesting  commentaries  by Sant Sukhjit Singh Ji and his group on the sports events in progress .         

    This promotion of sports by Baba Ji has transformed the youth of the area. Now they no more feel frustrated or fall an easy prey to drug addiction. Rather now they are joining the positive programs of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji,  and  are developing a clean and healthy thinking.  

         In recognition of his contribution to the sports, Sant Balbir Singh Ji has been nominated the Chairman of Punjab Tug-of-War Association, the Patron of PEPSU Tug-of-War Association and the Patron of Kapurthala Distt. Amateur Body Building Association.