Work On River

Sant Seechewal mobilized numberless people (Sangat) round the globe for the voluntary kar sewa of rejuvenation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic river Kali Bein, 160-km long tributary of the Beas, flowing through Doaba, the fertile central part of Punjab, known as the Granary of India. When Sant Seecyewal began the kar sewa in July 2000, the Kali Bein river was on the verge of death due to worst type of domestic and industrial pollution. Sant Seechewal, with the help of his Sangat, has cleared hyacinth and silt out of the bed of river, restored flow of clean water in it and beautified it with flowers and fruit trees, bathing ghats and bricked roads on its banks, transforming it into a picnic spot where the religious pilgrims, students and tourists from India and abroad come daily in large numbers to have a glimpse of its beauty.

Work On Underground sewerage System

Sant Seechewal has devised an underground sewerage system which is low-cost and indigenously modeled, but very effective, durable and easy to install. The efficacy of this system has been attested by its practical installation in more than 50 villages and towns. In this system, sewage waters are stored in a pond, treated in natural way and, then, supplied for agricultural use. This process promotes organic farming and saves farmers’ money on fertilizers and irrigation. The farmers of the area who, being crop-less and poor, were compelled to commit suicides, are glad to have a taste of prosperity as a result of Sant Seechewal’s kar sewa of the river.

Work On the Roads

Often remembered as “Baba of Roads”, Sant Seechewal has built thousands of kms of roads in backwards areas, which has set in a new era of faster economic and social development in this area.Work 


Sant Balbir Singh has come to be popularly known as Sarkan wala Baba (Saint of the Roads) due to his great work in preparing roads in remote and neglected areas of Punjab. Immediate occasion for the initiation of this monumental work arose on the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1991. On that day a large religious procession was organized. It was difficult for the people to walk on the paths and roads, as they were covered with mounds of sand. So it was decided then and there that the mounds would be leveled and the paths prepared. Thus, the great task of smothering and clearing of the roads began. But this was not the only factor that inspired Baba Ji to take this decision. The real motivation came from his religious faith, his philosophy of life. According to him, whatever isolates man from man is irreligious, and whatever joins man with man, or with his environment, is truly religious. So the task of building roads, for him, is a great religious task. Ways are necessary to achieve not only worldly goals, but also God. Smooth and clean roads make it easier to reach destinations. In our age of all sorts of means of road transport, roads have become rather more significant. Baba Ji believes that when we clean our houses, we should also clean the roads to our houses. When we keep our temples, gurdwaras, mosques, churches and offices neat and clean, it is also our duty to keep our roads leading to them clean. When the farmers remove the weeds from the fields, they should not throw them on the roadsides. By taking these precautions, we can keep the roads of the whole world neat and clean. We can also beautify the roads with flowers and fruit trees along them. That is why Baba Ji promptly made up his mind, and once he had embarked upon the preparation of roads, he never looked back. Till date a large network of thousands of kilometers of roads has been installed to the great facility of the public. The remote areas in the districts of Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur, are experiencing faster economic development and agricultural growth thanks to the construction of roads. Apart from these roads of villages and towns, roads on the banks of the Bein were also prepared. These roads were decorated by planting flowers and fruit trees and by making lighting arrangement along them on both sides. In addition to roads, some bridges were also built. For ex., a bridge over White Bein on Jalalpur Khurd-Lohian road was constructed. Another bridge was built over the Holy Bein near Nirmal Kuteya Sultanpur Lodhi for facility of the public. Many incomplete link roads of the villages were also prepared. Date-wise detail of Sant Balbir Singh's work on Roads: · July 2000 - Before beginning the kar sewa of the Holy Bein, the roads from Seechewal area to Sultanpur Lodhi were prepared. · 2/3.2003 - Road from Bhandal Dona to Saidowal in Kapurthala was prepared. · 5/3/2003 - Road from Rail Coach Factory Hussainpur to Saidowal was prepared. · 10/3/2003 - Road to Kotla Heran was prepared. · 8/5/2003 - A 90 km-long kutcha road on the banks of the Holy Bein from Dhanoa to Subhanpur was prepared with the help of tractors and cranes. · 16/8/2003 - Road from Dalla Sahib to Sultanpur Lodhi was prepared. · 31/1/2004 - Work for the preparation of the road from Kapurthala Main Road to the Holy Bein at Sultanpur Lodhi was started. It was completed by 14/2/2004. · 10 &11/3/2004 - Berms of the road from Sultanpur to Talwandi Chowdharian were prepared with the help of tractors and cranes. · 2/5/2004, work of preparing a 13 km-long kutcha road on the banks of river Holy Bein from Kanjali to Subhanpur was started Within a few days it was completed. · 17 to 24/5/2004 - Road from Bhano Langa to Kaul Talwandi in district Kapurthala was prepared. · 25/5/2004 - Many link roads in Seechewal area were repaired. · 22/8/2004 - Prominent people of the area met Sant Balbir Singh Ji to appeal him for the repairing of the extremely dilapidated road between Sultanpur Lodhi and Talwandi Chowdharian. · 22/9/2004 - People of Lohian area met Sant Balbir Singh to appeal him to repair Lohian-Malsian main road . Work of filling the ditches on the road and repairing them began on 28/9/2004 and was completed on 19/10/2004, · 23/10/2004 to 8/11/2004 - Road leading to Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal was bricked and beautified. · 9/11/2004 - Road near village Mahla was prepared. · 16/11/2004 -Repair of road on the banks of the Holy Bein near village Khassan in district Hoshiarpur. · 17/11/2004 - Repair of road on the banks of Holy Bein near Prempur . · 20/12/2004 -Preparation of road leading to the Holy Bein from Himmatpur (Hoshiarpur) was started. It continued for many days. · 24/12/20 - Preparation of road from Rahimpur to Sandhu Chatha i(Jalandhar) was started. Its completion took some days. · 31/3/2005 - Roads and streets of Sultanpur to were cleaned manually & with the help of tractors and cranes. · 19/5/2005 - Deep ditches on both sides of the culvert on Ucha-Saiflabad road near Miani Bola. This culvert had remained out of use for the last 8 years. · 23/6/2005 - Construction of bridge over river White Bein near Domana (Jalandhar) was inaugurated. The work was completed with the cooperation of the people. · 9/9/2005 - Road leading to Seechewal village from Lohian-Malsian main road was cleaned and decorated. · 10/9/2005 - Road from Nihaluwal to Seechewal was cleaned and decorated. · 12/9/2005 - Kar Sewa at the main road from Aadhi to Kala Sangha. · 16/9/05 to 12/10/2005 - Kar Sewa to widen the road from Dalla Sahib to Sultanpur Lodhi. · 10 to 31/10/2005 - Road on the banks of Holy Bein was repaired from Dhanoa downward in district Hoshiarpur to Kanjali in Kapurthala district. · 14/10/2005 - Roads and streets of Sultanpur Lodhi town were cleaned and beautified with pitchered lighting pillars on both sides of the roads. · 20/10/2005 - Kar sewa was started for preparing pucca bricked road on the banks of the Holy Bein near Gurdwara Ber Sahib at Sultanpur Lodhi. · 18/3/2006 - Berms of Malsian-Lohian road were cleared of like congress grass. · 2/5/2006 - Lighting arrangements were made on the road on banks of the Holy Bein near Gurdwara Ber Sahib at Sultanpur Lodhi. · 23/5/2006 - Preparation of Watanwali-Channanwindi road was started with the cooperation of the people. · 6/6/2006 - Preparation of bricked road from Nirmal Kuteya Sultanpur Lodhi to Ghazipur main road was inaugurated and it was completed on 1/7/2006. · 28/6/2006 - Kar sewa for preparation of a 22 ft.-wide straight kutcha road from Seechewal to Mallupur was started. The farmers through whose lands the road passes, happily donated the land for this purpose. This road has proved to be a great facility for the people of the whole area. · February 2007 - The heavy rains created a lot of problem for the people by obstructing traveling by roads in the whole area. The Gursangat made the roads serviceable again with the use of tractors. About 80 kms of roads were repaired. · 22/4/2007 - The cleaning work on Nadala Chowk which had been on for many days was completed .This chowk had been reduced to a dirty water pond and created difficulties for the common people in passing from there. · 7/7/2007 and 26/7/2007 to 13/8/2007 - Berms of the road from New Grain Market to Gurdwara Sri Sant Ghat in Sultanpur Lodhi were concretised. Flower-beds were prepared and flowers were planted to decorate the road. Lighting arrangements were made for the facility of the visitors to the Gurdwara Sahib. · 27/7/2007 - Road from Seechewal to Mallupur was cleaned and decorated. · 19/8/2007 - Road near Himmatpur (Hoshiarpur) was prepared. · 20/9/2007 - Road on the banks of the Bein near Gurdwara Ber Sahib Bridge, which still remained kutcha, was bricked. · 6 to 8/11/2007 - As a part of preparations for the Nagar Kirtan to be held along the banks of the Holy Bein from Dhanoa to Sultanpur on the occasion of the Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the road from Awana to Kanjali was repaired .